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Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

A thoroughly tuned, optimised, and cleaned air conditioning system will provide dependable cooling to your Charlotte or home at a low cost. Elite HVAC Heating & Air Cooling is a full-service air conditioning company that provides comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services. We are your go-to source for superior workmanship and dependable air conditioning services.


Exceptional Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Since 2002, our local air conditioning contractors have been serving Plano. When you call Elite HVAC Heating & Air Cooling, you’ll be greeted by friendly, experienced professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed to provide superior system maintenance that keeps your equipment running at peak performance.

Nothing beats the fresh, cool air that fills your home. When the temperatures in the Plano area are high, nothing feels better than the cold, blasting air coming from your vents. AC maintenance should be performed on a regular basis in order to keep this system running smoothly. We recommend having your air conditioner checked at least twice a year to ensure everything is in working order. You could be wasting a lot of money if you do not have this regular maintenance service. If your air conditioner needs to be serviced, an AC tune up is a great option. Any AC maintenance gives your unit the boost it needs to survive the summer heat.

As air conditioners age, their efficiency begins to decline. When your system isn’t working properly, your energy bill will undoubtedly rise. Fortunately, Elite HVAC Heating & Air Cooling is here to assist! Our preventative maintenance programmed is designed to keep your system in top shape while ensuring maximum efficiency. For more information, please contact us right away!


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